tacos al pastor


Definition: A delicious street taco variety

tech bro


Definition: A male working in the technology industry, often characterized by a casual and tech-savvy lifestyle.

tech oasis


Definition: Thriving tech hub

the 405 crawl


Definition: Slow traffic on the Interstate 405

the city


Definition: A nickname for San Francisco.

the claw


Definition: Nickname for the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

the delta


Definition: The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta region in Northern California.

the funnies


Definition: When someone has jokes, they have the funnies.

the grit


Definition: The authenticity and character of a place

the industry


Definition: Refers to the film or television industry. In Los Angeles slang, "the industry" commonly refers to the dynamic world of film and television. When someone mentions working for the industry, they are typically involved in Hollywood's film or television sectors. While there are various industries in and around LA, using "the industry" singularly points to the realm of entertainment.