(Noun/Abbreviation for Gangster)

Definition: Slang for a gangster or a general term for a person.


(Noun/Abbreviation for Greatest Of All Time)

Definition: Greatest Of All Time, used to describe someone or something as the best in their category.



Definition: Excited or hyped up.

gassed up


Definition: Feeling excited, motivated, or hyped up.



Definition: To suddenly stop communicating or interacting with someone without explanation.



Definition: The common meaning is associated with a stunt in which a person exits a moving vehicle and dances or walks alongside it while the vehicle continues to move. This act is often seen in the context of car culture and is sometimes accompanied by music or celebration.



Definition: A job or performance, often in the entertainment industry.



Definition: Definition: Having a good time or enjoying oneself, often in a lively and energetic manner. It can also refer to attending or participating in a party or event.



Definition: Someone from San Francisco

glo up


Definition: To undergo a positive transformation, both in appearance and lifestyle.